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"On numerous occasions, you and your exemplary staff went to extraordinary means to meet the (at times) unrealistic demands imposed on you by a fickle and unforgiving industry. In each instance the Gorchev & Gorchev team executed flawlessly with the highest photographic and production standards available in the industry."

-Joe Dussi
Analog Devices

"The Gorchev & Gorchev team was extremely professional, well-organized and very patient with the restrictions inherent in shooting in a production environment. They used their considerable skill and creative technique to add sparkle and interest to otherwise dull and lifeless mailing equipment."

-Michelle Tempesta
W.A. Wilde Company

"I have been very happy with all the work that Gorchev & Gorchev has done for me, from translucent panels to specialized photography. They have hit every deadline with quality products that I have been proud to show my management. I highly recommend them."

-Joan Bramer
Cabot Corporation



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